Throw Away PIC??

TAP-28 isn't "yet-another-me-too-development board" for PIC 18F-series 28-pin microcontrollers;  it's an application board  with a  dramatic difference - TAP-28 is so  inexpensive that it can be dedicated to a project without so much as a second thought.  With prices starting at $8.33 (bare), it's literally a throw-away  board. 

Price isn't everything, though. TAP-28 is a workhorse, exposing the I/O you need for even the most port-intensive applications.  Designed from the ground up for embedding in both one-off and low-volume projects, TAP-28 ditches the bling and the fluff to deliver a robust, app-ready, developer-friendly solution.  If it's on TAP-28, it's there because it helps jumpstart application development. Period.  No frills, no marketing-department-added "features" that look great on a checklist (but will never get used in the real world), no bullshit - just the capabilities of over 30 popular PIC microcontrollers, delivered in a convenient package. 

The TAP-28 Rev. A boards are complete.  All orders will be filled with the new boards.

TAP-28 Features

  • Support for most 28-pin PIC 18F-series microcontrollers.
  • Reset switch
  • Four LEDs and  two general-purpose switches, each easily connected to the circuit with solder jumpers.
  • Three six-pin connectors, each supporting GPIO (power, ground, port pins)
    • ICSP connector - for use with  PICkit 2, PICkit 3 or other programmers. 
    • UART connector - for use with PICkit 2 UART Tool, external RS-232 level-shifters, or third-party UART-USB interfaces.  
    • I2C/SPI connector - supports the PICkit Serial Analyzer convention. Pull-up resistors may be effortlessly enabled with solder jumpers as needed for  I2C/SPI  or other applications. 
  • Two software-configurable 3-pin ADC input/GPIO connectors, each with power, ground and a single port pin.
  • Two 3-pin PWM/servo/general-purpose I/O connectors.  Servos plug in directly.  PWM or general-purpose I/O easily connected with power, ground and 1 port pin available.
  • All port pins are available via header connectors for prototyping on a breadboard or for adding components using a daughterboard.
  • Power via your choice of USB connector, bi-pin terminal strip (either may be installed) or  connection at any of the header  or six-pin connectors strips (i.e., powered by PICkit programmer or UART-USB converter).

What the TAP-28 Doesn't Include:

  • MAX-232 lever shifter - nice during development but usually not needed for applications, so it's been designed out to reduce board cost.
  • On-board voltage regulator - applications are frequently powered by USB connection, a regulated wall wart or directly from battery, so the board features no regulator to reduce cost.

TAP-28 boards are supplied as bare boards to allow customization by the user.  Boards are high quality double-sided boards featuring through-hole construction, with top silk-screen and solder mask on both sides.

Fully Stuffed TAP-28 Boards. 
The board on the left has vertical switches
and LEDs.  The board on the right has
right angle LEDs and switches.
(click for larger image)

Right-Angle TAP-28 in Enclosure
This is the type of enclosure used in the Signal Generator.
(click for larger image)